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Tallis and Ollie

Tallis and Ollie

Tallis and Ollie's stories begin long ago in the wilds of Africa. While born into freedom, their lives were not destined to remain there. Either as babies or adults, they were indiscriminately captured along with possibly hundreds of their flock mates and transported to the United States destined to become breeder birds for a burgeoning trade in pet parrots.

While most of their history over the past several decades is unknown, we do know that both Tallis and Ollie ended up in cruelty cases and were destined to come together when Project Perry agreed to help them. More >>



Noelle is a plucker and a self-mutilator. We began our journey together on December 26, 2008. She was taken in a few weeks earlier through The Central Virginia Parrot Sanctuary, where I serve as a Co-Director.

As with most rescues, her history is very sketchy, but we do know that for an extended period of time in her former life, she was banished to live in an outdoor shed. More >> (redirects to; new window)


For the Love of Fred

Fred is a gentle Greenwing Macaw. Along with his wife, Ethel, he came into my care in May. Although I have provided foster care for other animals over the years, Fred tugged at my heartstrings more than any other.

I had originally thought that Fred and Ethel would be with me for just a short time. In just a couple of weeks, they will be gone, I thought, “Thank Goodness” because they were loud and obnoxious. They were also very frightened and they were extremely aggressive. As time went on I noticed some changes. More >>


Charlie, the old Scarlet Macaw

According to the limited history we were given, Charlie is most likely an old wild-caught who spent at least 40 years in the same family.

The story we were told is that Charlie's original family loved him very much. In fact, they rode around town with him on the front handlebars of their bicycle. Over time, Charlie moved from home to home within the same family - each time with a degrading quality of life. More >>

The 31 Virginia Macaws

The 31 Virginia Macaws

When Matt Smith walked out into the muddy field on the afternoon of May 12th, the scene was worse than he had imagined. Possibly worse than anything he had seen before. It had been cold and raining all day and the air was damp and raw.

Matt, accompanied by Project Perry volunteer Bobbie DeBenedetto, Dr. Hillary Cook and Animal Control Officer Patricia Dahl approached the collection of 31 macaws, stuffed into cages that were stacked beneath two open-sided carport frames. Only one frame had a roof. More >> (redirects to; new window)


Iggy's Adventures

In the early summer of 2006, a guest moving furniture out of Lily Kempf's home left the side door open just long enough for her beloved Iggy to make an escape into rural Virginia. Iggy had freed himself but was in great danger. Danger from predators such as the hawk and in danger of not being able to find a reliable food and water supply. Thankfully it was not winter.

All of Lily's attempts to find Iggy came up empty. More >>

One Rescue Story

One Rescue Story

I received a call that there were birds in Southern New Jersey that needed rescue ASAP. I offered to help out and told her I can accept 4 birds - 2 African Greys and 2 Senegals. This morning I got up before the birds were even awakened by the sun to get them all fed and watered before starting out for NJ.

I arrived around lunchtime to the following scene. A woman and a man who work for Animal Care & Control were both wearing breathing masks and unloading filthy old cages into their van parked out front. More >>


Sam, a wild-caught Blue Crown Conure

I write this on the evening of July 26, 2004. Sam passed away today as a result of complications from his surgery. I wish that I could say he had a great life, but to be quite honest, he didn't. One of his first memories was being torn from his parents in the wild at only a few weeks of age.

He then endured a scary trip towards the U.S., most likely with no food or water, while watching the majority of the others with him die slow and painful deaths. More >>