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The first step to considering The Central Virginia Parrot Sanctuary for the Lifetime of Care Program is scheduling a visit here to make sure this is where you would like your bird to live his or her life out among other birds of its kind in free flight aviaries. This program is not for everyone or everybird, so it is important to conduct an interview prior to making such arrangements. This program requires you to financially support your bird here at the sanctuary for the remainder of its life.

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There are two methods to placing your bird here on Sanctuary if this is what you wish for your bird:

First, you may include your bird in your will with funds set aside to be donated along with your bird using the fee structure listed at the bottom of this page. This is a one-time lump sum donation which will be placed in the Sanctuary's endowment fund. One goal of ours is to create and maintain a strong endowment fund which will add to the long term financial stability and security of our organization.

If you do choose this method, the total donation amount is reached using a formula based on reasonable life expectancy of the species in captivity x cost per day to properly care for your bird. For example: You have a 20 y.o. Congo African Grey. It is reasonable to say that the bird should be alive for the next 30 years. One year of care is $1,000 and 30 years of care is $30,000. This is the total donation amount that needs to be planned in your will.

Second, you may donate annually in order to place your bird here on Sanctuary. A signed and notorized contract is involved to ensure that you continue to support your bird here on an annual basis for the remainder of the bird's life. The same cost per day fee structure listed at the bottom of this page is used. For example: You have a Blue and Gold Macaw that you wish to place here in Sanctuary.

You will need to support the bird financially on an annual basis. Cost per year is $1,500. You can, however, choose the one-time lump sum donation based on life expectancy of the bird but we realize this is not financially possible for the vast majority of people.

Fee Structure

  • Small birds - $300 one-time fee (Parakeets / Finches)
  • Small birds - $500 one-time fee (Cockatiels)
  • Medium birds - $750 / yr. (Conures / Quakers)
  • Medium birds - $1,000 / yr. (Amazons / Greys)
  • Large birds - $1,500 / yr. (Macaws)